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About: Transfixed by the beauty that surrounds me. Thank you for the breeze that ruffles my hair, the sun that kisses my spirit and warms my soul..
I‘ve got my feet planted firmly on the ground but my hearts sours as I embark on a voyage of self discovery.

This is my journey to discover what is already there. To notice the extraordinary in the ordinary.

There was a time in life when ‘no’ was not in my vocabulary. I was scared that if I said no, people would not like me, or I would disappoint someone, or I would be left alone. The problem with always saying yes is that I did not like me, I disappointed me, and I left me alone.

It is absolutely okay to say ‘no.’ In fact it is that tiny but powerful two letter word that keeps resentment, feeling used, and disappointment away.

—Regina Cates
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