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About: Transfixed by the beauty that surrounds me. Thank you for the breeze that ruffles my hair, the sun that kisses my spirit and warms my soul..
I‘ve got my feet planted firmly on the ground but my hearts sours as I embark on a voyage of self discovery.

This is my journey to discover what is already there. To notice the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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“There is another way. Follow the map on the soles of your feet, not the one that comes with your welcome-to-earth-socialization-packet. Let the lantern of your heart illuminate the path. There is a way out, I promise you that, and you already know how to go.”Alison Nappi

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“My brain hums with scraps of poetry and madness.” —Virginia Woolf

Many spiritual people I know have a yearning to live with others just like them. Many of us feel isolated, finding our kindreds live at a geographical distance that prohibits the tactile contact we most crave.

If you are aware of some of your personal mythology, you might find stories about living within star-colonies, Matriarchal settlements or Rainbow-blooded communities and wonder why on earth we are not doing this now.

Here is the reason: When too much light gets too concentrated it can be wiped out by eliminating the grounding rods that embody it. To put it simply, it’s too easy to kill off large numbers of light-bearers gathered in one location (don’t you remember how these communities were destroyed?)

—Alison Nappi
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